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Dây loa Analysis New Black Oval 9

Ghi nhớ trang

Analysis Plus Black Oval 9Speaker Cables and Micro Copper Oval-In Interconnects

When I ran into Mark Markel, president ofAnalysis Plus, at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, he showed me a newversion of his Copper Oval-In interconnect, and mentioned that there was a new version ofthe Oval 9 speaker cable available. At the time, I didn’t think much of it — mostmanufacturers are continually changing their product lines. I later realized that, withthe exception of one power cord a few years back, I could recall no other Analysis Plusproduct that had been revised since its introduction. This is unusual for a company manyof whose cable designs have been around for almost ten years — a long life for anaudiophile product.

I probably should not have been surprised. In myconversations with Markel over the years, Analysis Plus seems to be an engineering-drivencompany that markets its cables as having “Scientifically Verifiable Quality.”I’m guessing that when they do redesign a cable, it’s because they’vecontinued their research and development into improving their designs, their materials,and their manufacturing methods. The resulting cable will then, presumably, performmeasurably better than the one it replaces, and will not simply be a new version developedas a marketing ploy to sell more cables.

Still, I was a bit hesitant to review the Black Oval 9speaker cables and Micro Copper Oval-In interconnects, because I’ve been so satisfiedwith the performance of the original Oval 9 speaker cable and the more expensive SoloCrystal Oval interconnects already in my system. Although the new versions of these cablesmight measure better than their predecessors, I wondered if the differences would beaudible. I requested the Micro Copper Oval-In interconnect and Black Oval 9 speaker cableand endeavored to let my ears decide.